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IT Managed Services


Your staff are probably doing a lot of unnecessary work just to keep their own computers up-to-date and running, and who do they call when there are issues?

CB Computers has services to address your ongoing IT management and support needs. Our IT Managed services provide regular management of systems and networks that keep your PCs, servers and networks up and running, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Rather than burdening your staff with managing your IT infrastructure themselves, our Managed Service Provider Solution includes:

  • Server Monitoring, Backups, and Updates
  • Workstation Monitoring, Updates, and Remote Support
  • Priority service
  • Onsite Service (if required)

CB Computers strives to deliver robust and secure business solutions, relying on our technology, competence and capability in IT. We are committed to long-term customer satisfaction through the delivery of quality services and products that add value to your business.


Why Is it Important to Change Your Password?


Your computers carry a lot of sensitive and important data, so keeping work data safe is a major priority. One security tip for computer users is to constantly change your passwords to something new, but it may not always be clear why you have to do something this inconvenient so consistently. Changing your password avoids a number of dangers.

Prevent Constant Access

Not all hackers take what they need and leave. Occasionally hackers may continue accessing your account, either to monitor your data or continue stealing information over time. It can be difficult to figure out if someone else is using your account, so by changing your password consistently, you reduce the risk that other people will have frequent access to your accounts. Consider changing your password every few months to be on the safe side.

Prevent Saved Password Abuse

If you ever switch computers with other people, or if you get rid of old computers without reformatting the hard drive, it’s possible that anyone who uses your old computer will have access to your saved passwords. Giving someone a computer with saved passwords is like giving them access to your accounts. Consistently changing your passwords will mean that even if someone has found an old password of yours, it will no longer be relevant or useful.

Choosing a Good Password

When coming up with a new password, you want something that can be safe from guesswork and hacking attempts. You may be tempted to use a long password, but quality is much more important than quantity. Hacking programs are capable of guessing passwords by combining random words and phrases together, as well as any information relevant to you. To combat this, avoid using any personal information such as dates, addresses or names. Also avoid using simple words and phrases; if you do, make them grammatically incorrect to avoid guessing. Use random combinations of numbers, letters and symbols that can still be easy to remember.



Worldwide web security threat


As you may know, there has been a worldwide web security threat this week, where hackers can remotely lock all the files on your computer and network, if you haven’t patched your computers.
Attackers used encryption algorithms to lock files and demanded owners pay a ransom to access those files. The attack is believed to be the biggest online extortion attack ever recorded.

Post_CB Computers_cyber-attack-data-breach
To prevent this, please contact CB Computers to patch your computer on (02) 9387 3288 or via Email:


UniFi Mesh


Move today from the Conventional Wireless Network to UniFi Mesh

CB Computers has recently started to deploy Mesh Networks using UniFi products. Mesh Networks allows you to increase signal strength in any location of your premises by allowing you to add access points to the network without having to run network cables to each access point.

This offers a number of benefits over traditional Wifi:

  • Eliminates the need to run Network cables.
  • Simple configuration of new access points.
  • Supports more devices concurrently.
  • Improves Wifi performance.

CB Computers can get this up and running for you, contact us now to find out more:

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Windows 10 Associated Hardware Technologies


Whenever, Microsoft launches a new software or hardware product it opens up many areas

for association. Same thing happened with Window 8 also. Despite the fact that the product

Launched by Microsoft generally has multiple bugs initially, still it is so popular that all such

Bugs are hidden behind the scene. It is evident that Microsoft products are used by over 1.5

Billion people across the globe. But like IPhone6 to Apple Windows 10 is going to be to

Microsoft. It will open up new opportunities for many professional and especially in

Hardware technologies.

  • Since the windows 10 will run on multiple devices like bigger screen laptop,

Desktop and small size tablets to phone therefore, the opportunities to create

Multiple hardware with single operating system will open up huge opportunities in

Hardware technologies. We here at Eastern IT onsite are always ready to help you keep all your devices up to date and bug free.


  • One universal app will run across multiple sized products. Therefore, it will be a

Great flexibility to create different types of and different size of devices.

  • It will highly support the RF based devises. The areas where the companies are

Creating remote controlled devices will have many opportunities to create products

Like keyboard, mouse, joystick etc. associated with windows10.

  • Window10 Has capabilities to divide the screen in multiple windows together.
  • Multiple programs can run simultaneously. Therefore, one need bigger screen if

User wants to use this power. It may not be false to say that the screen size even

Bigger than 32 inch may be needed.

  • To create a war room of any organization with Business intelligence running on

These screens, it will be required touch capable screens like smart phone but in

Bigger size.

Eastern IT onsite will be just a call away for any technical, software or hardware issues.

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Most Popular 10 Social Networking Apps for the ios


Did you realize that there are right now more than a million applications in the App Store? It’s brain boggling, yes, particularly on the off chance that you simply need to search for a couple of applications that would help you stay in touch with your companions, relatives, irresolute rivals, and business partners. To make your inquiry less monotonous and for the most part simpler, here are the top long range interpersonal communication applications that you ought to consider getting for the ios.


what’s the most-downloaded interpersonal interaction application for the iphone? You most likely wouldn’t require two seconds to figure that the answer is Facebook, the most prevalent informal community on the planet with more than a billion dynamic clients.


Twitter is currently the informal SMS of the web. It has more than 200 million dynamic clients, and with great reason: Twitter isgreat for standardizing and maybe far superior to Facebook regarding getting up-to-the-moment news, since the greater part of the world’s newsmakers are in it. Likewise, Twitter is the ideal supplement to all other informal communication administrations.


In the event that you need an informal community that gives quality substance and has for the most part less nutty posts, you can’t happen with Google+. The application’s really extraordinary as well: its speedy, lightweight, and gives an amazing web experience to individuals who do download it.


Get ready to get your psyche blown. Flipboard’s idea of permitting you to peruse a few social networking nourishes in one application may appear unimaginative, yet the way it does its employment is absolutely extraordinary. Straightforward upgrades from Twitter and Facebook look like pages of a magazine (consequently the “Flipbook” name).


Pinterest is a standout amongst the most downloaded long range informal communication applications for the ios at this moment. As its name proposes, it gives you a chance to assemble subject based picture collections and “pin” what motivates you, and make new sticks with your iphone or ipad cam. You can without much of a stretch lose hours on end by just searching what ther individuals have stuck.


Need to send free instant messages and make free telephone calls? At that point attempt Viber. The proviso here is that you can just contact companions, family, and associates who have Viber introduced in their telephones. For the application to capacity, you’ll additionally require 3g or Wi- Fi. Be that as it may Viber is as of now prominent (its presently the most downloaded interpersonal interaction application in Australia), so this won’t generally be an issue. In addition, its free thus simple to utilize.


Here’s an alternate content informing option: Whatsapp is a great deal like standard content informing on the ios. Also like Viber (and other informing applications), Whatsapp is totally free however needs to be introduced in different gadgets for you to achieve other individuals. Anyway hey, the application’s additionally accessible for the Blackberry, Android, Symbian and Windows Phone, making it effectively worth the download.


Regarding sheer numbers, Skype is an informal communication/informing application that is very nearly as far reaching as Facebook (it as of now has 663 million enrolled clients). For the uninitiated, Skype is a free informing, voice and feature administration, with document exchange and videoconferencing capacities. On the off chance that you’ve effectively known about Skype, there’s a great risk its one of the first applications you introduced for your iphone or ipad.


Disregard trading business cards or making new contact sections on your iphone or ipad. With the Bump application, you can simply “knock” your gadgets together to impart contacts, photographs and different documents. You can even synchronize your iphone with different gadgets.


Yes, the Linkedin interpersonal interaction site is really clever, however how about we not overlook its not difficult to-utilize ios application, which gives you a chance to effectively join with your expert contacts. The Linkedin application has made enormous changes as of late in format plan as well as usefulness also. This incorporates that unbelievably valuable Intro offer that gives you a chance to view Linkedin profiles utilizing the ios mail customer. In the event that you have a Linkedin account, then you ought to likewise have the application in your ios gadget.


Best Cloud Network | Saas Model | Utility Figuring | Eastern IT In OnSite


Cloud computing comes into centre just when you ponder what IT generally needs: an approach to expand limit or include abilities the fly without putting resources into new base, preparing new work force, or authorizing new programming. Cloud computing includes any membership based or pay-for every utilization benefit that, continuously over the Internet, broadens IT’s current capacities.


Cloud computing is at an early stage, with a diverse group of suppliers expansive and little conveying a huge number of cloud-based administrations, from out and out applications to capacity administrations to spam sifting. Yes, utility-style framework suppliers are a piece of the mix, yet so are Saas (programming as an administration) suppliers, for example, Today, generally, IT must attachment into cloud-based administrations independently; however Cloud computing aggregators and integrators are as of now developing.

In view of those examinations, here’s a harsh breakdown of what Cloud computing is about:


1. Saas

This sort of Cloud processing passes on a lone application through the project to a colossal number of customers using a multitenant structural arranging. On the customer side, it intimates no candid enthusiasm toward servers or programming approving; on the supplier side, with stand out application to keep up, costs are low diverged from normal encouraging.

saas is by far the best-known case among enormous business applications, yet Saas is moreover fundamental for HR applications and has even gotten desires its way together the common pecking request to ERP, with players, for instance, Workday. Likewise who could have expected the sudden climb of Saas “desktop” applications, for instance, Google Apps and Zoho Office?



2. Utility figuring

The contemplation is not new, however this sort of Cloud processing is getting new life from, Sun, IBM, and other individuals who now offer stockpiling and virtual servers that IT can get to on investment. Early try adopters predominantly use utility figuring for supplemental, non-mission-separating needs, yet one day, they may supplant parts of the datacentre.


Diverse suppliers offer plans that help IT make virtual datacentres from product servers, for instance, 3tera’s Applogic and Cohesive Flexible Technologies’ Elastic Server on Demand. Liquid Computing’s Liquidq offers similar limits, engaging IT to affix together memory, I/O, stockpiling, and computational farthest point as a virtualized holding pool available over the framework.

In the era of Advancement we here at Eastern It Onsite are fully equipped to support your business with all the advance technologies.

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Boost your wireless signal


router_wireless signalJust about anyone who uses the internet have a wireless router, we are so accustomed to having high speed internet that when things go a bit wrong it is both frustrating and time consuming troubleshooting the problem. The two main factors are range and speed when determining how strong your wireless signal is. However, there are many ways to boost the speed of your wireless router and some are even free.

1) Changing the channel

When you set up a router it often chooses a channel by default but your router may not be operating on a channel that is least crowded. You can check the channels by using free tools like inSSIDer. Check all the channels and see which one is used the least and change to that channel by going into your router’s interface.

2) Upgrading router firmware

Some routers will prompt the user to update the firmware when one is available but not all routers have that function. So it is wise to check for firmware updates every once in a while, updating the firmware ensures that your device is running at optimal condition which means a possible boost to your wireless signal.

3) Updating adapter firmware

Sometimes it’s not the router that is slowing the connection down but the wireless adapter in your computer. Check the manufacturer’s support pages for any firmware updates for your adapter.

4) Change where you place your router

Where you actually place your router is also very important when it comes to getting maximum speed out of your device. There might be a lot of interferences between devices or you live in an apartment complex where there are many other connections interfering with your wireless signal. If that’s the case then consider moving your router to a centrally located position where there is minimal interference.

5) Consider a antenna

If you have just purchased a new router chances are that it comes with a internal antenna. But if you have a older model that comes with a external antenna then consider upgrading your antenna. Booster or High-gain antennas are attachable to most routers and is relatively inexpensive.

These are just some ways that can help boost the speed of your wireless signal, if you don’t mind the cost you can always upgrade your router to a new one.


Getting on the ‘Cloud’


cloud computingThe term ‘cloud computing’ has been around for a while but some businesses are still reluctant to utilise the service to store their information. Web based email providers are the best examples of cloud computing, instead of installing a email software on your computer, you are logging on to a web based email account hosted on the provider’s network. Storage is provided by the email provider and so the tasks your own computer needs to do are kept to a minimum.

Some of the advantages of using the cloud includes the ability to access your data anywhere from any device provided that there is internet connection, reducing the cost of buying hardware like hard drives. When using the cloud to store all your data and programs, you no longer need to purchase high powered computers to do all the processing, reducing the need for IT support and hardware replacements.

While that might sound like a good deal, there are also some downside to the cloud. Privacy and data security is a big concern for many, especially if your business handles sensitive data. Putting your data on the cloud means that the service providers have access to all of your information and to your computers on the network.

Even though cloud computing is still a much debated topic, the future of computing seems to be moving in that direction regardless. One example would have to be Sony and the PlayStation network, with all their games also available to download over the cloud, the need for actual discs will soon become redundant.

If you’re a small business and don’t have the budget to purchase high priced hardware then moving your storage onto the cloud would be a good option.