Boost your wireless signal


router_wireless signalJust about anyone who uses the internet have a wireless router, we are so accustomed to having high speed internet that when things go a bit wrong it is both frustrating and time consuming troubleshooting the problem. The two main factors are range and speed when determining how strong your wireless signal is. However, there are many ways to boost the speed of your wireless router and some are even free.

1) Changing the channel

When you set up a router it often chooses a channel by default but your router may not be operating on a channel that is least crowded. You can check the channels by using free tools like inSSIDer. Check all the channels and see which one is used the least and change to that channel by going into your router’s interface.

2) Upgrading router firmware

Some routers will prompt the user to update the firmware when one is available but not all routers have that function. So it is wise to check for firmware updates every once in a while, updating the firmware ensures that your device is running at optimal condition which means a possible boost to your wireless signal.

3) Updating adapter firmware

Sometimes it’s not the router that is slowing the connection down but the wireless adapter in your computer. Check the manufacturer’s support pages for any firmware updates for your adapter.

4) Change where you place your router

Where you actually place your router is also very important when it comes to getting maximum speed out of your device. There might be a lot of interferences between devices or you live in an apartment complex where there are many other connections interfering with your wireless signal. If that’s the case then consider moving your router to a centrally located position where there is minimal interference.

5) Consider a antenna

If you have just purchased a new router chances are that it comes with a internal antenna. But if you have a older model that comes with a external antenna then consider upgrading your antenna. Booster or High-gain antennas are attachable to most routers and is relatively inexpensive.

These are just some ways that can help boost the speed of your wireless signal, if you don’t mind the cost you can always upgrade your router to a new one.