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UniFi Mesh


Move today from the Conventional Wireless Network to UniFi Mesh

CB Computers has recently started to deploy Mesh Networks using UniFi products. Mesh Networks allows you to increase signal strength in any location of your premises by allowing you to add access points to the network without having to run network cables to each access point.

This offers a number of benefits over traditional Wifi:

  • Eliminates the need to run Network cables.
  • Simple configuration of new access points.
  • Supports more devices concurrently.
  • Improves Wifi performance.

CB Computers can get this up and running for you, contact us now to find out more:

Phone: (02) 9387 3288



Getting on the ‘Cloud’


cloud computingThe term ‘cloud computing’ has been around for a while but some businesses are still reluctant to utilise the service to store their information. Web based email providers are the best examples of cloud computing, instead of installing a email software on your computer, you are logging on to a web based email account hosted on the provider’s network. Storage is provided by the email provider and so the tasks your own computer needs to do are kept to a minimum.

Some of the advantages of using the cloud includes the ability to access your data anywhere from any device provided that there is internet connection, reducing the cost of buying hardware like hard drives. When using the cloud to store all your data and programs, you no longer need to purchase high powered computers to do all the processing, reducing the need for IT support and hardware replacements.

While that might sound like a good deal, there are also some downside to the cloud. Privacy and data security is a big concern for many, especially if your business handles sensitive data. Putting your data on the cloud means that the service providers have access to all of your information and to your computers on the network.

Even though cloud computing is still a much debated topic, the future of computing seems to be moving in that direction regardless. One example would have to be Sony and the PlayStation network, with all their games also available to download over the cloud, the need for actual discs will soon become redundant.

If you’re a small business and don’t have the budget to purchase high priced hardware then moving your storage onto the cloud would be a good option.