Windows 10 Associated Hardware Technologies


Whenever, Microsoft launches a new software or hardware product it opens up many areas

for association. Same thing happened with Window 8 also. Despite the fact that the product

Launched by Microsoft generally has multiple bugs initially, still it is so popular that all such

Bugs are hidden behind the scene. It is evident that Microsoft products are used by over 1.5

Billion people across the globe. But like IPhone6 to Apple Windows 10 is going to be to

Microsoft. It will open up new opportunities for many professional and especially in

Hardware technologies.

  • Since the windows 10 will run on multiple devices like bigger screen laptop,

Desktop and small size tablets to phone therefore, the opportunities to create

Multiple hardware with single operating system will open up huge opportunities in

Hardware technologies. We here at Eastern IT onsite are always ready to help you keep all your devices up to date and bug free.


  • One universal app will run across multiple sized products. Therefore, it will be a

Great flexibility to create different types of and different size of devices.

  • It will highly support the RF based devises. The areas where the companies are

Creating remote controlled devices will have many opportunities to create products

Like keyboard, mouse, joystick etc. associated with windows10.

  • Window10 Has capabilities to divide the screen in multiple windows together.
  • Multiple programs can run simultaneously. Therefore, one need bigger screen if

User wants to use this power. It may not be false to say that the screen size even

Bigger than 32 inch may be needed.

  • To create a war room of any organization with Business intelligence running on

These screens, it will be required touch capable screens like smart phone but in

Bigger size.

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